Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Clouds of Winter

The Gods are with us, day in and day out. We carry them in our hearts, and even when their religions are forgotten, they remain in all the others that follow us as we make our way through the myriad turns on the road of history. As the clouds of Winter bear down upon us, we are often calling upon them to help us survive.

Yet as we have become so wonderfully adept at creating things, technology, means of survival, we have changed the way we relate to them. We have made of them a singularity, referring to them in ways that seem to merge them, yet the shadow of what they truly are always remaining. No mythic system, not even the most rigorously monotheistic, has ever actually been truly monotheistic.

That being the case, it means that we human beings have a means of communication with whatever life it is that we call divine. And as I return from the Heliogenna to my pursuit of Hermes, I have to ask if that is, in fact, his domain. That domain of existence that links one dimension to another, one realm to another, that allows for communication between that which is here and that which is there.

The Gods, and what a simple word that is, they must also have need to travel from there to here. But is that even really the way to think about it?

The Universe, Multiverse, whatever, exists as a multilayered onion. One dimension layered over another, the highest dimension, eternity itself, being the “space” in which it all exists. If the Gods are those beings which exist as pan-dimensional, then they exist partly in our dimension, just as we exist in the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions simultaneously.

So, that being the case, the power of Hermes is far more than simple communication, it allows us to exist. If it were impossible for beings to be in more than one dimension at a time, if he did not power the ability for dimensions to share information, we could not exist as three dimensional beings in a four dimensional space in an eleven dimensional multiverse. Could we?

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