Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bye Artemis...

I have decided to move on from Artemis, she does not seem at all interested in me.

I have managed to glean some things from her, to learn some new things about myself and her, but I find that I cannot connect to her the way I did with apollo or Athena or even Hephaestos. There is something ominously large about Artemis, a deity so often depicted as a small child in myth, that I think maybe she seeks to have me learn from others before, maybe, I return to her at some point. Life is about learning, after all, and I will continue to learn about the Gods for the rest of my life. Perhaps she will become my tutelary deity later on in life, perhaps not.

Speaking of ominously large, the next deity on this path is Zeus. Talk about large, bold, ominous, and difficult to come to terms with. Unlike my haphazard approach to this until now, however, I may have to put this one into some kind of planned writing schedule, with very specific topics in mind. I am not sure, but be that as it may, I want to hear from people about their experiences with him and with Artemis, I know I don't have many followers here, but since I mirror this on my iskios.com site, I am hoping to maybe become better engaged with the few people who read this.