Sunday, September 2, 2012

To Zeus Pateras

Zeus Pateras

Lord of the vaulted skies

Watching from high Olympus

Over us, your children.

Grant us your ear.


Zeus Pateras

Lord of the mighty oak

Who whispers from its rustling leaves

To us, your mortal children

Lend us your voice


Zeus Pateras

Father of divine wisdom

Who traffics in the eternal fate

Of your troubled children

Lend us your counsel


Zeus Pateras

Father of the radiant healer

Who metes out sickness and health

To us, your ailing children

Lend us your strength


Zeus Pateras

Lord of eagles

Who fly to the corners of the Eath

To watch your fragile children

Lend us your vigilance


Zeus Pateras

Who sees us from afar

And gives to us nourishing rain

To feed your starving children

Lend us your divinity


Zeus Pateras

Lord of hosts

Who seeks justice in all things

Especially in us, your children

Lend us your divine hand


Blessed may you be, now and forever