Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holy Shit!

So, I have taken to Hermes since ending my time with Aphrodite, and oddly enough two things have happened. One, my money situation has improved, and two, all kinds of crazy shit keeps happening to me. What do I mean?

I mean reading the schedule at work and then getting it all wrong. I mean riding to work and then having a flat tire when I leave. I mean locking myself out of my building. The laundry room being broken into and not having anywhere to do laundry. Hurting my left foot, but having my right foot be in pain for three days. Getting to work and my pants breaking for no apparent reason. Losing the soles on my right shoe, my new shoes. Lots of other little things that keep me frustrated.

That is until I realize something. I hold on to little things like this. I let them bug me, send me reeling, and I think I need to take these things in stride, not let them stress me out. So, I had to walk four miles because of a flat, ok, frustrating and annoying, but not the end of the world. Try to remember the world is full of horror stories, that getting a flat and walking is not the end of the universe, and maybe that is the lesson of Hermes at this point. Learn to deal with the little problems of life because if you do, the big ones will be easier to deal with.

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