Sunday, December 13, 2015

O Moon

O goddess
Your symbol is the moon
You watch over us as we sleep
You guard us as we tread the night life
We ask you to light our way

O goddess
Grant us sanity
Grant us the will
Grant us the desire
To walk hand in hand into the night
Unafraid and at peace with each other

O goddess
Silvery light in the night
Light the way
That we may see clearly

Friday, December 4, 2015

Prayer to Athena

I pray to you, my beloved goddess
You who dwell in the minds of men
Who speaks in whispers only he can hear
And delights in a choice well made

O Athena, of the steel gray eyes
I pray that you shield me with your strong arm
Teach me with your strong mind
Embrace me as your own

I pray to you, my beloved goddess
That you may grant me strong eyes to see
That you grant me sensitive ears to hear
And above all wisdom to understand

For in wisdom do we gather closer to you
In wisdom are we blessed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

To Nyx

Eternal yet birthed into the void, she spread her wings
Dark and filled with potential, they stirred the void
Time and space running forth, a ripple in eternity

Eternal yet birthed into the void, she opened her eyes
Eyes of black seeing all that wasn’t
All that could be like a dream in her mind

Eternal yet birthed into the void, blessed Nyx
The eternal night that all fear

The eternal night that makes man marvel