Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heliogenna Day Four

Heliogenna Day Four
Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Helios, the light, and Dionysos, the madness, and Apollo, the enlightened.

I am coming fore
From a place of chaos and darkness
Into the light of day
Where the Gods watch over me, and the world is lit by the Sun

I am awakening
From the madness of the wine
Forcing me to see things anew
In the light of Apollo’s mighty gaze, where lessons must be learned

I am drawn away
From the might and wonder of Dionysos
Lord of Madness and freedom
To steal humanity from the beast that lies within

I wish, I think
That I did not have to awaken
That I could stay in the bliss of raw animalism
That I could drink and fuck and be wild for all time

But his light shows me the way and I am reminded of love
That what Dionysos shows me deep inside
Is what the light of Helios forces me to hide
That I may share my being with the world and not be ruined

Blessed Dionysos, Lord of the Madness within
Blessed Apollo, Lord of Bright Enlightenment
Blessed Helios, who lights the way that we may see.
Accept my humble offerings in thanks
Be with me now and always.


Today I make an offering to Hades, Lord of the Underworld, of death, and of the riches of the Earth. I choose to offer wine, water, and milk into the earth of the river banks, and in his honor will burn a stick of incense of frankincense.

I will meditate with the following, perhaps to feel a response.

Ευχαριστίες μου, Άδη.
Αγάπη μου, Άδη.
Τους δίνω να σας!


mamiel said...

What a great poem, Hector.It pretty much embodies the way I felt the whole weekend. Man, what a hangover I've been nursing.

I noticed a lot of people who said they will be doing Heliogenna this year. I really like the way you organized it.

Personally I am observing Saturnalia since I dabble in the Religio and it is lots of fun for the kids. Heliogenna seems very contemplative. I wish I could work them both in together somehow, Maybe next year....

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your holiday.

Héctor said...

Well, basically, it is a Thanksgiving, Memorial, and New Year celebration in that order.

The first part should be seen as a time of thanks, the second a time to contemplate death, memorialize those who have left us, celebrate the heroes in our lives. The third should be about giving, hope, celebrating the future, gifts, prayers filled with hope and desires for our future.