Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Sabbath I Celebrate

A sabbath

I celebrate

A holy day and rite

To call you to me

Lord of drinkers

To feel you within me

Lord of  Ecstasy

To know your holy presence

I drink

I dance

A sabbath

I celebrate

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blessed Persephone

Sinking Goddess

You make us prepare for the worst

The cold of Winter fast approaching

Though Autumn reigns still

Dread Goddess

You make us shudder in fear

An end to all things do you promise

Though the world goes on

Beloved Goddess

You make us relish all hope

New beginnings do you promise

Though the past is forever gone

Rising Goddess

You make us pray for your return

The flowering of Springtime you promise

Though it cannot last forever

Blessed Persephone

You make us adore you

The swift hand of change are you

Though we both fear and are inspired by you

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hail to thee, Athena

Hail to thee, Athena 
Mighty child of Zeus 
Bearer of shield and aegis
Hail to thee, Athena 
Mighty protector of cities 
Wise maiden warrior 

Hail to thee, Athena 
Mighty teacher of heroes 
Inspirer of courageous spirits 

Hail to thee, Athena 
Mighty Olympian Goddess 
Encourager of man's dreams 

Hail to thee, Athena, and to you my many thanks and unending adoration.