Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heliogenna Day One

To Helios, Eos, and Selene on the First Day of Heliogenna 2009

The year draws closer to ending.
And the sun is ready to set.
Blessed Helios draws on the reigns of mighty immortal steeds.

At the gates the doors lie open.
Sweet Eos awaits.
The lights of the horizon grow soft and rosy.

Far to the East, Selene.
Her silver gown gleaming.
Her silver steeds aching to fly.

They ride.
Shining the light of the Sun upon man.
Granting vision and warmth.

The year draws closer to ending.
The days grow far too short.
Helios needs his day of rest.
To reawaken his power, his glow.

Down into the Earth.
Blessed Helios will go.
Down where the dead walk in loneliness.

But Selene will not forget us.
Her silver gown will remind us.
That soon he will return, triumphant and gay.

And Eos, ever vigilant.
Upon the gates will descend.
To open the way for light and warmth to come.

Along with this, I am taking myself over to the river for a prayer, which will be quick because it is only 20 degrees out there this morning. Tonight, a candle lighting and offerings of incense I bought at for this occasion.

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