Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apollo Mantra/Prayer

O mighty Apollo
O divine God
Healer of ills
Come to me and bless me with your presence!

Ο ισχυρός Απόλλωνα
O θεία Θεού
Θεραπευτής των δεινών
Ελάτε σε μένα και να ευλογήσει με την παρουσία σας!

Any help in improving the Greek is welcome.

Monday, September 29, 2014

To the Erniyes

Endless Allecto
 of dark aspect
 who sees the sins of man

Punishing Tisiphone
 with serpents in your hair
 who punishes the wickedness of man

Enraged Megaera
 seeker of justice
 whose heart is maddened by man's cruelty

Erinyes of blood and sin born
 pure of heart and intent

Bring us justice
 when it is needed most
Bring us vengeance
 when justice fails
Bring us the light of reason
 that we may know the difference

Saturday, September 20, 2014

O Helios, Sun God

In hues of gold and rose as the moon rises
Your light fades in the West
And your all seeing eyes look to another land
O Lord of the upper air
Giver of light

In the darkness of night, your sister stands guard
Her pale light but a reflection upon her silver robes
And her all seeing eyes watch as we sleep
The darkness conceiling her love
Growing older every night

And late on, as your return approaches
Blessed Dawn prepares for her moment
Fleeting though it may be
To shine forth in hues of blue and rose
And bring hope once more as the cock crows

And then, O Lord, giver of light
You return to us
Your all seeing eyes falling upon us once more
Our hearts made to rejoice at the site of you
We praise and adore you, O Helios, Sun God

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Riotous Life

In sombre silence they pray
In joyous riot we celebrate
In silent vigil they sit
In wild abandon we remember

That Gods of life, of joy, of laughter
And in their names we should but celebrate the gifts given
And give thanks for that which we are

Dancing this chaotic rite we call life

Lift your hands and pray
Yell it to the sun itself
And be made one with their divinity
For that is what you have always been

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Athena Sthenias

Sthenias, it means vigor or strength, and as an epithet it means giver of strength, and in this aspect, this Goddess has saved me, my life even, more than once. I call to her to grant me the strength to handle what the world throws at me, and if I let her in, she never fails. Be it a sudden clarity of thought, or a push to stop and breath and gather my inner resources, Athena has always been able to encourage me to be strong and to survive, even in those dark dark moments when I had already given up.

Now, when I say grant me strength, I want to make it clear that I don’t mean that the goddess magically gives me strength I do not possess, rather, that calling upon her, that allowing her into my thoughts allows me to tap into my own strength, a strength I am often not sure I possess. But it is there, and in allowing myself to reach out to something greater than myself, to her, I am able to release my own mind from the turmoil and chaos that may be stopping it from acting as it should.

I am sure I must sound like a mess to you, that’s ok, perhaps I am, but I am aware of my own weaknesses in a way many are not, and I am not afraid to admit that I must sometimes seek the aid of the Gods, especially my beloved Athena, to get through the day. The cynic in me speaks to me and says she is just a crutch you are using to access your own logical mental processes, to stop emotion from running away with your mind, and I suppose in some ways this is true, but I can only reply to myself simply enough, to believe we human beings are the highest and most evolved things in the universe would simply be arrogance beyond even hubris, so I accept, on faith, that she is there with me, in my mind, not pushing me, not controlling me, but reassuring me and allowing me to utilize her gifts of a reasoning mind to control the gifts of other, more emotional Gods. She does not seek to control or be my only love, only to offer balance, and it is in that balance that there is strength and vigor. In that balance lies Athena Sthenias.