Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Clouds of Winter

The Gods are with us, day in and day out. We carry them in our hearts, and even when their religions are forgotten, they remain in all the others that follow us as we make our way through the myriad turns on the road of history. As the clouds of Winter bear down upon us, we are often calling upon them to help us survive.

Yet as we have become so wonderfully adept at creating things, technology, means of survival, we have changed the way we relate to them. We have made of them a singularity, referring to them in ways that seem to merge them, yet the shadow of what they truly are always remaining. No mythic system, not even the most rigorously monotheistic, has ever actually been truly monotheistic.

That being the case, it means that we human beings have a means of communication with whatever life it is that we call divine. And as I return from the Heliogenna to my pursuit of Hermes, I have to ask if that is, in fact, his domain. That domain of existence that links one dimension to another, one realm to another, that allows for communication between that which is here and that which is there.

The Gods, and what a simple word that is, they must also have need to travel from there to here. But is that even really the way to think about it?

The Universe, Multiverse, whatever, exists as a multilayered onion. One dimension layered over another, the highest dimension, eternity itself, being the “space” in which it all exists. If the Gods are those beings which exist as pan-dimensional, then they exist partly in our dimension, just as we exist in the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions simultaneously.

So, that being the case, the power of Hermes is far more than simple communication, it allows us to exist. If it were impossible for beings to be in more than one dimension at a time, if he did not power the ability for dimensions to share information, we could not exist as three dimensional beings in a four dimensional space in an eleven dimensional multiverse. Could we?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Heliogenna Day Nine

Heliogenna Day Nine: The Final Day
Friday, December 25, 2009

Blessed Helios, shining ever bright
Today we burn our prayers to you
And prepare to dance and be merry
As you watch from above, we will celebrate you

Blessed Helios, shining ever bright
Today we drink and lose ourselves in hope
And dance with the Satyrs and Nymphs
And Dionysos shall lead us

Blessed Helios, shining ever right
Today we will live for the moment
And in that moment hold hope
That tomorrow will be fruitful and happy

Blessed Helios, shining ever bright
Today we will revel and party
And forget not the lessons learned
And remember you, our lord, who watches over us


Today is to be like a New Years celebration. All giddy hope and excitement, drink, dance, sex, and a full on embracing of life and its many gifts.

If you have been following these little posts, I hope you have found them a pleasant experience, and perhaps you will share with me what you did to commemorate the waxing and waning of the sun in the sky.

For now, the days will grow longer, and hope is in the air, because Spring is not that far away.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Heliogenna Day Eight

Heliogenna Day Eight
Thursday, December 24, 2009

On this cold December day I come to you o Gods above
You who dwell in splendor and laughter divine
Grant us a year of light and learning
Grant us a year of prosperity and peace
Grant us a year full of love and laughter

I pray thee Zeus, Lord on high
Do not take too heavily from the pot of evils
But grant me a year of well being

On this cold December day I come to you o Gods below
You who dwell in the darkness of the Earth
Grant us a year of prosperity and peace
Grant us a year of bountiful harvests and feasts
Grant us a year of life, that we may live it to the fullest

I pray thee Hades, Lord far beneath
Silently watch but do not come for me
I will, as all mortals must, pass on soon enough

On this cold December day I come to you o Goddess of the Hearth
You who dwells among us
Grant that me and mine be guarded from evil
Grant that I may understand the world around me
Grant that I not hide from what frightens me

I pray thee Hestia, Lady of the Hearth
Guard me and protect me
But not so strongly that I fail to live this rich life the Gods have allowed me


Along with this poem, I am writing short bits on lightly scented burning paper to each of the Gods as I know them. A short wish, a thank you, a tiny poem, and then tonight when the sun sets I will burn them in a small wrought iron urn I bought. The paper will burn almost instantly in the flame of the oil candle I will set inside the urn. Should you be doing this with others, a good idea is to use very light tissue paper a kin to smoking paper, which burns quickly and does not produce flying embers.

Tomorrow is the last day of Heliogenna, and I hope if anyone out there has been following me in this they have had a good time of it in whatever way they decided to proceed. Think of tomorrow as the New Year’s blast part of this festival. Drink, party, hell, grab your loved one and make some noise, if you know what I mean. The Sun is returning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heliogenna Day Seven

Heliogenna Day Seven
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The day is bright
The night is gone
The sun will shine a bit stronger today

Blessed Hyperion, Titan of yesterday
Father of Helios
Father of Selene
Father of Rosy Eos
Blessed be your name

The night is gone
The moon is setting
The days grow longer as we march

Blessed Eros, Primordial and vast
Who brings us together
Who loosens our legs
Who stirs in our hearts a primal need
Blessed be your name

The moon is setting
The sun is rising
Hope is now on the horizon

Blessed Hekate, traveller on dark roads
Who guides man in decision
Who guides the souls of the passed
Who protects us from horrors seen and unseen
Blessed be your name

Blessed Helios, Lord of the Sun
Who shines ever brightly
Who rides the golden chariot
Who spies the good and the bad
Blessed be your name

In hope I pray
In hope I seek
In hope I ask of you

O Gods on high
O Gods below
O Gods who dwell upon the Earth
Blessed may you be

Grant us all peace and good health in the year to come

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heliogenna Day Six

Heliogenna Day 6
Tuesday December 22nd, 2009

To Hyperion the Titan Sun, Helios the Rising Sun, and Dionysos the twice born, and Eos who watches the gates of heaven.

Blessed Hyperion, Titan now gone
Shine brightly in your deep dark home
Light the fields of Elysium for the brave

Blessed Helios, son of Titans
Shine now and forever
Look upon the Earth with your shining face

Blessed Dionysos, son of Zeus
Sit upon your Delphic throne
Grant us hope as we fall into silence

Rosy Eos, of the morning light
Grant us another day
To glory at your beauty in the coming light of day

In the light of day
In the hues of twilight
In the darkness of night

Never leave us to our lonely course
But shine upon us your wisdom

Never leave us to die
Save that we may do so in your honor

Now and forever
My love to you

Now and forever
My hopes I ask you make real

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heliogenna Day Five

Day five of Heliogenna, or day two on the three day festival, is the day of silence.

This is not to say you have to be silent, although I imagine that could be an interesting interpretation, perhaps a day of incubation in a cool dark room, with nothing but your thoughts and the Gods as company, but it simply means that the hearth fire is dark (do not extinguish the previous days’ candles if they are still burning, just do not light one for the day) and no incense is burned. I also offer no offerings of poems or prayers.

The reason for this is to commemorate the “Dying Gods” if you worship them in such a fashion, and to commemorate the idea of the Sun God entering the underworld, though that is not strictly a part of the Hellenic Mythos (it is part of the way the Sun God was often seen in many other cultures, both Indo-European and otherwise), and to commemorate the Delphic transition between Apollo, the God of Light and Reason and Dionysos, the God of Madness and the primal heart.

Heliogenna Day Four

Heliogenna Day Four
Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Helios, the light, and Dionysos, the madness, and Apollo, the enlightened.

I am coming fore
From a place of chaos and darkness
Into the light of day
Where the Gods watch over me, and the world is lit by the Sun

I am awakening
From the madness of the wine
Forcing me to see things anew
In the light of Apollo’s mighty gaze, where lessons must be learned

I am drawn away
From the might and wonder of Dionysos
Lord of Madness and freedom
To steal humanity from the beast that lies within

I wish, I think
That I did not have to awaken
That I could stay in the bliss of raw animalism
That I could drink and fuck and be wild for all time

But his light shows me the way and I am reminded of love
That what Dionysos shows me deep inside
Is what the light of Helios forces me to hide
That I may share my being with the world and not be ruined

Blessed Dionysos, Lord of the Madness within
Blessed Apollo, Lord of Bright Enlightenment
Blessed Helios, who lights the way that we may see.
Accept my humble offerings in thanks
Be with me now and always.


Today I make an offering to Hades, Lord of the Underworld, of death, and of the riches of the Earth. I choose to offer wine, water, and milk into the earth of the river banks, and in his honor will burn a stick of incense of frankincense.

I will meditate with the following, perhaps to feel a response.

Ευχαριστίες μου, Άδη.
Αγάπη μου, Άδη.
Τους δίνω να σας!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heliogenna Day Three

Heliogenna Day Three

Saturday, December 19, 2009

To the Primordial Gods

When time was still
And the sure foundations of the Earth were yet a wish to be made
In the great chasm did the Gods arise.
Great were their movements
Splendid was their cause

When space had no meaning
And from the nothingness arose mighty Darkness and grand Night
In this brave new word did she spread her wings
Brave was her flight
Divine her dance

When there was no up or down
And the world was but a dream still so far away
From the chaos arose broad bosomed form
Strong was her countenance
Lonely her work

When there were but these Gods
And the world had yet to know the embrace of lovers
From the chasm arose attraction
Beautiful was his every motion
Irresistible his divine charm

When the heart was lonely
And the Great Mother of form needed a companion
From her own form did she birth him
Violent was his temper
Dark his mighty destiny

Great Nyx and Erebus
Blessed Eros, o beauteous attraction
Divine Gaea and Ouranos
We give you our thanks
For you are the sure foundation of all that is
And from the Chaos came our destiny
Fresh and ever changing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Heliogenna Day Two

Heliogenna Day 2
Friday December 18th, 2009

My thanks O Gods above!

Blessed Zeus and Apollo
Lords Hermes and Hephaestos
Blessed Poseidon and Ares
Lord Dionysos of the divine madness that carries me away.

My thanks O Goddesses above!

Splendid Hera and Athena
Ladies Artemis and Aphrodite
Brilliant Demeter and Hestia
Lady Hekate of the three way path.

Bless me and grant that I may forever know your favor.
For yours has been the light that has shown me the way.
Yours the obstructions that have taught me many lessons.
And yours the delight in my often weary heart.

Blessed am I who in this last year has known you.
My eternal gratitude, blessed Gods of the high places.
And the many ways to reach them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heliogenna Day One

To Helios, Eos, and Selene on the First Day of Heliogenna 2009

The year draws closer to ending.
And the sun is ready to set.
Blessed Helios draws on the reigns of mighty immortal steeds.

At the gates the doors lie open.
Sweet Eos awaits.
The lights of the horizon grow soft and rosy.

Far to the East, Selene.
Her silver gown gleaming.
Her silver steeds aching to fly.

They ride.
Shining the light of the Sun upon man.
Granting vision and warmth.

The year draws closer to ending.
The days grow far too short.
Helios needs his day of rest.
To reawaken his power, his glow.

Down into the Earth.
Blessed Helios will go.
Down where the dead walk in loneliness.

But Selene will not forget us.
Her silver gown will remind us.
That soon he will return, triumphant and gay.

And Eos, ever vigilant.
Upon the gates will descend.
To open the way for light and warmth to come.

Along with this, I am taking myself over to the river for a prayer, which will be quick because it is only 20 degrees out there this morning. Tonight, a candle lighting and offerings of incense I bought at for this occasion.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My plans for Heliogenna this year!

Heliogenna, which I have celebrated for a few years now, is my annual Winter Solstice celebration. It is a modern convention, not an ancient one, but there is evidence supporting the celebration of the Solstice, a time of year which has seen sacred elements attached to it in almost every known religion, modern and ancient, in the world.

I celebrate Heliogenna in three stages, and the vastest of these is a nine day festival, with a three day version, but there is no reason it cannot be further shortened to a single day on the Heliogenna itself, the Winter Solstice. This is easy to do because I broke down the festival into three segments right from the start.

Following the ancient convention of the day ending with the sunset, and thus a new day beginning if one thinks of the day as a 24 hour event, Heliogenna begins with the segment Sunset (ηλιοβασίλεμα - iliovasilema) and the Gods of the heavenly realms, especially those associated heavily with stars, sun, and moon are honored. Here the Gods are thanked and the year that has passed is remembered and one hopes, learned from. Thank the Gods for all they have given or allowed you, and be thankful for the people in your life who have given you so much.

The second segment, called Night (νύχτα - nichta) wherein the darker aspects of the Gods are commemorated.Although this can be seen as a somber element in the festival, try to remember that the darker aspects of the Gods are not about sadness and evil, they are abut facing truth, facing mortality, and remembering friends and family who have passed. Remember their smiles, their contributions to your life, the love and feeling they brought to you. This is, of course, a good thing. But also remember the heroes of our culture, the soldiers fighting in the fields of battle, and the men and women who face off with death every day and win, and those who do what they can but fail, all the more heroic for their struggle. At the center of Night is a day, or a time set aside, for silence. This is the 5th day of the nine day festival, or a few hours at the center of the second day of the three day festival, and this is a time set aside to commemorate the aspect of the sun as a dying god. Gods who share this aspect are to be remembered, but not prayed to or made offerings to. Take a moment or two to be silent, to hold your breath, as the Lord of Light makes his way through the underworld before emerging once again revived and new.

The third and final segment is call Sunrise (ανατολή - anatoly) and this is the great celebration. Song, dance, fire, incense, and, my favorite, prayers on burnable paper with prayers of hope and well wishes burned on the fire and sent forth for the Gods. This is like a New Years celebration, making promises, oaths, and looking forward.

This year my plan is to do an 8 Poems/Prayers in 9 days thing. The plan is to do them as follows done one a day.

Day 1: To Helios, Selene, and Eos. A piece for thanks.
Day 2: To The Olympian Gods in thanks for life, light, and all the things I have to be thankful for this year.
Day 3: To The Primordial Gods, in thanks for the foundation of life they set forth.
Day 4: To Helios and Dionysos. The light and the madness. Offering to Hades, the lord of death.
Day 5: Day of Silence. No poem or prayer this day. This is the day of the Winter Solstice.
Day 6: To Helios and Dionysos, the reborn Gods. Offering to Persephone, lady of hope in death.
Day 7: To Hyperion the Titan, Eros the Lord of Attractions, and Hekate the traveller and protector.
Day 8: To the Olympians and the Chthonoi, in hopes of a future bright with potential.
Day 9: To Helios the Sun, watcher of the Earth, Bringer of new life and light.

New Theme

I have redone the theme for, on which this blog is primarily read, and I am hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think of it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Traveler

I will begin with The Traveler.

Life is a journey. It is often said by our Christian brothers, that “God created the world” and often in our own mythos, we see that the Gods created man kind, but this is really a misunderstanding of what creation is. The universe was not created, it is in a state of creation. Essentially, it is being created. Likewise man was not created, he is always in a state of creation, of forming, of becoming, and if we see life and the universe this way, as that path of creation, then the Traveler takes on a much larger significance than we might otherwise think. The Traveler, whom we call Hermes and the Romans called Mercury, is a God of creation. Of moving things along a path set forth by others, and also treading paths that others will not.

Hermes as a Traveler is different in aspect from Hermes as Messenger.

One clear way is intent. As Messenger, Hermes is an Angelos (I see Angels as small aspects of the Gods that serve to interact with the mortal world) of the divine realm. A being who is but one small part of a greater force, a greater power, a greater deity. That Deity we call Hermes (without epithet) and he is a power of great importance to every man, woman, and child on Earth, because we are all in need of contact with the divine realm, and in his aspect of Messenger he is indeed a contact between the mortal and the immortal.

As Traveler, however, he is not in contact with us. This is an aspect we do not really see, because he is always in motion, always making his way from the realms of light and eternity, the the realms of darkness and dissolution. From the Creative aspect of the divine realm to the destructive. This is, in my opinion, the core aspect of Hermes, it is, in fact, Hermes himself. This constantly moving, constantly in touch, constantly aware being who, like Helios, sees all, but who unlike Helios, is always in all places (Mythologically speaking, of course) because he has travelled all the paths, and travels them still.

As a traveler, the God Hermes is a God of life. Life, which is a journey, must be plainly on his path. That journey we are all undertaking is part of his domain, not the life essence itself, but the process that takes life from one aspect of the divine to the destructive.


I am reaching.
Reaching for answers to questions I do not know how to ask, and I am ashamed.
Ashamed, not of my own inadequacies, but of my knowledge of them which none the less leave them unfixed.
Am I not to know the truth of who I am until my day to pass has come?
Can any man know who he is if he has not reached the end of his journey?

What gift, O Gods, this life of learning and experience.
Experience that gives us little by way of answers.
Answers that broach new questions, doubts, and fears that remain unanswered until the day we meet our end.
An end at which we finally see ourselves, in one final moment of bliss, in all that we have been soon to be lost.

I am reaching.
Reaching because it is all I know to do.
Because without reaching, without seeking, without wanting to know, I am nothing.
Nothing which one day will look back in wonder and ask himself, what manner of fool were you?
What manner of man?

What gift, O Gods, this life of constant questioning.
This life that, till now, has seemed but a waste and a pity.
But one which has lead me here, to this place, standing before you naked and proud even as my own heart sinks at the depth of the ocean of questions before me.
A sinking which reminds me that I do indeed have a heart worthy of being called human.
Worthy of reaching.