Saturday, February 9, 2013

Come Come, Dawn

Come come, Dawn
Lady of the rosy skies of morning
Usher in the morning
Shoo away our fears
For in the darkness of night 
In the absence of the Sun
Man has many things to fear.

Come come, o Eos, who holds the keys of heaven.
Come come, o Aurora, who the Romans did call
Come come Ushas, your name far in the East
Grant us above all else, self realization
And the willingness to see the truth before us.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I am Human

I am God
-ever present
I am Goddess
-ever living
I am Man
-ever worshipful

Man has his place
Between the heights of the heavens
and the depths of the pits
sharing equally in light as in darkness

I am Mind
-ever thoughtful
I am Emotion
-ever chaotic
I am Woman
-ever balanced

Woman has her place
Between the heights of love
and the depths of compassion
sharing equally in war and peace

I am Soul
-ever growing
I am Body
-ever changing
I am Human
-ever doubtful

Human has his place
Between the heights of passion
and the depths of despair
Sharing equally in grace and disgrace