Monday, December 21, 2009

Heliogenna Day Six

Heliogenna Day 6
Tuesday December 22nd, 2009

To Hyperion the Titan Sun, Helios the Rising Sun, and Dionysos the twice born, and Eos who watches the gates of heaven.

Blessed Hyperion, Titan now gone
Shine brightly in your deep dark home
Light the fields of Elysium for the brave

Blessed Helios, son of Titans
Shine now and forever
Look upon the Earth with your shining face

Blessed Dionysos, son of Zeus
Sit upon your Delphic throne
Grant us hope as we fall into silence

Rosy Eos, of the morning light
Grant us another day
To glory at your beauty in the coming light of day

In the light of day
In the hues of twilight
In the darkness of night

Never leave us to our lonely course
But shine upon us your wisdom

Never leave us to die
Save that we may do so in your honor

Now and forever
My love to you

Now and forever
My hopes I ask you make real

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Anonymous said...

Hector, I love following your Heliogenna! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It's inspiring.