Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Apollon Akesios

Akesios, or Alexikakos, is an epithet of Apollo that means "averter of evil" and Akesios is a form of the epithet used in Elis. As averter of evil, Apollon has many things in common with several other deities, if not all of them, who are known to be helpers of man in reference to the concept of "evil". So, is this the right place to start?

My recent inspiration to beg the gods to smite the horrid beast called Ann Coulter has lead me to conclude that yes, Akesios is the place to start. Why? Because my concept of evil is one that involves man, not some evil divine force, and the evil that we do, both to each other and to ourselves needs addressed.

So, what evils am I doing that need addressed, and am I doing things to myself or to others, or is it both?

My expression of hatred for Coulter is a clue, but it is not the hatred itself, because hatred is a perfectly natural human emotion, but how much am I allowing these negative feelings to control me, make something of me that the Gods dislike, and which, perhaps, I should dislike as well.

So, I must explore the negative attitudes I am expressing in my life.

Let's start with the generalities. I have a rather negative attitude toward people I disapprove of. At work this manifests as a sense of "Ugh!" when I see new clients walking in. It stems, perhaps, from a sense of bitterness that hides inside me from the earliest parts of my life, but it is something worth further exploration.

I have a somewhat negative attitude toward women. Not in a general sense, I get along fine with women, but I do also see a certain inequity and hypocrisy in the way women treat men that I find disturbing, and I find that I let it color my opinions with regard to them. Don't mistake this for misogyny, though, I have no hatred of women and am a firm believer in the equality of women, with equality being the key word there.

I am distant, not only from people I know here in Dayton, but from family back home. I am distant in a way that seems cold and uncaring, and it must affect those who care for me profoundly. Not sure if I can fix that one, it is such a part of who I am that I am rather self contained that I may be killing off a piece of myself that is important in some way.

Hmm, as I write this I am touched by the realization that this distance I hold toward people must also apply to the Gods. Hmmm!

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