Monday, October 22, 2007

Apollon Akesios: Friendship and friendliness...

So, to follow the road laid out for me, I have made myself more open to people. My inherent sense of isolation and shyness has to be set aside, and my inherent fear of meeting new people has to be quashed. So, a friend from West of here has had surgery, and as a result he has been isolated and trapped on his couch. Looking forward to weeks of solitary life, another friend decides to get him out and about.

He can't walk too much, his heel is healing and he requires regular shots of pain killers to keep him sane, but we all decided that if he could make that effort to come out, we could make the effort to meet him out there for some drink and laughter.

It went splendidly.

So, I decide since I am already opening myself up to this, I might as well open myself up to something else, and I call up a guy I have been on a couple of dates with and invited him to join us. He wasn't sure he could make it, but said he would if he could, and thankfully, he did. It was a pleasant surprise to me to find that I really felt myself drawn to him. I wanted to be near him, and he, pleasantly enough, wanted to be with me too.

The night out with friends was a blast of fresh air. It woke me up to something I have been missing, and which both apollo and Hestia seem to have pointed out, human contact...

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