Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The temple of the soul

I spoke of the body as a home of the soul, but in reality that should read more like "Temple of the Soul" for I see the soul not as something innate to human beings (and other life forms) but something a kin to a gift from the Gods, something we borrow from them and return at our death.

This temple of the soul is something we must take into consideration here, for Myth tells us that Hestia, of all the Gods, abides with us in our homes. that hers is the sacred fire that lights the fires of all altars and temples, and by extension, that makes our bodies something like a temple to this great goddess.

It is a difficult thing for me to have to contemplate because I have not treated this temple well. I have not given it the respect it requires. I have, in essence, let the temple go to pot, and that must seem like a disrespect to the goddess of the home. Just as I would not allow my home to go to the dregs, so too must I take it upon myself to treat this, the temple of the sacred fires of the soul with respect and care for it.

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