Thursday, August 23, 2007

Epithets of Apollo

Apollo is known by many titles.

Akesios: Averter of evil. (Akestos and Alexikakos)
Aigletes: The radiant.
Agetor: Leader (Leader of men, Leader of souls, etc.)
Agonius: Helper in struggle and contests.
Agraeus: The hunter.
Agyieus: Protector of streets and public places.
Archegetes: Patron, founder, protector of colonies.
Isodetes: He who binds impartially.
Loxias: Prophet of Zeus.
Lykeios: Wolf like, wolf-slayer.
Marmarinus: God of marble.
Moiragetes: Leader or guide of fate.
Musagetes: Leader or guide of the Muses. (Inspiration)
Noumius: Pastoral.
Paean: The healer.
Phoebus: The shining.
and many many others.

Now, clearly with Apollo, or Apollon, we are dealing with a god who was worshipped in an amazingly varied number of places, cults, and ways. As a prophet, Apollo was the god called upon in Greece's most famous and most respected oracle in Delphi. The prognostication and odd sayings of the prophetess there were very highly sought after and, according to the stories, at least, very accurate, even if not in the way people interpreted them.

As a healer, Apollon was also the god of disease, and he was often shown punishing mankind with plague. As a god of civilization he was seen as a protector of cities, colonies, and countries. and most importantly, perhaps, he was seen as a bringer of light. The light of healing, the light of prophecy, the light of civilization and art. He was a god who inspired among the ancients, and remains seen as that today among those who worship him.

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