Monday, August 20, 2007

Putting the Hestia Consciousness into practice

Putting the Hestia Consciousness into practice is a matter of learning to recognize what home is in the world around you. If I am home, if this body is the home of my soul, if home is where the heart is as they say, then what it is I want to carry with me wherever I go? What is it that I wish to decorate this home that is my heart, my body, my soul and all that surrounds it with?

Hestia Consciousness is a peaceful one. She is the fire of the hearth, and that fire calls to you, wants you to come closer, to warm you. It has the potential to destroy you if you fall too far into it, if you cloister yourself, but it's desire is to aid you and succor you, not destroy you.

Bringing her to mind at the right moments, reminding myself that I am not alone even there where it is just me at home, is a miraculous feeling if the feeling is true. And bringing that feeling that when I face the world I do so with the army of Gods at my back, is one of the reasons why man turns to the Gods. We need them, and bringing them into our consciousness and allowing them to work through us is perhaps the hardest thing we face as people. We feel a need to control, not be controlled. Allowing ourselves to fall into their hands and know we will be caught, that is putting this divine consciousness into practice, and it is not something we can take a few weeks to contemplate and then do.

I will seek to move forward now and carry her, Hestia of the Hearth, with me into the tunnel where I hope to see a great light soon.

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