Thursday, August 9, 2007

The inner fires

We often refer to the inner impetus, the spontaneous nature of thought and emotion, as a fire that lives within us. Hestia is there too, for the body is the home of the soul, but the soul is, in my definition, the point where the animal and the spiritual meet. That spark of the animal that connects with the divine and which draws from the divine that spontaneous creativity that we call thought.

This isn't to say that Hestia is thought, but rather that we as human beings think and feel and all of that happens within this sacred vessel we call our bodies and souls, and that just as we pay a certain respect for our homes (house, apartment, town, city, state, nation, etc.) as the places where we are sheltered, so too we must pay respect to the nature of this form of ours, a form we may owe to the Gods much more than we may be willing to accept sometimes. (I will explore evolution and such in later connections, such as my connection with Ares)

The inner fire is, perhaps, our most prized connection, and one that man recognized and sought to embrace early on. We sought to propiciate the Goddess of the hearth, for she helped us achieve something great, and now it is up to us, who have come so far, to move beyond the simple propitiation and superstition of the past and come to connect to the Gods as beings of mind and spirit, capable of great thought.

This is a great challenge, one that I am trying to come to terms with with this blog, but which I am still having difficulty with. But, as I said before, it is a life long process, and if it takes me years to come to terms with it all, so be it. Perhaps on the day I die I will look back and say, "oh, OK, I think I get it now..."

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