Thursday, November 1, 2007

So, on with the show!

So, I move on with the show here, and as I say so long to Apollo Akesios I must now say hello to Apollo Thearios (of the Oracle) and Prostaterios (he who stands before the entrance) becaue I think I have seen something in my interaction with Apollo that has awoken something in me. Apollo is standing before the entrance, the doorway, forcing me to think about the future and whether or not I am ready to move forward before I am allowed to continue.

I always pictured that I would work this little program I devised, or was inspired to devise, and that I would learn a thing here or there about myself from the Gods and move forward. I didn't quite picture that a God would stop me in my tracks and say, no, you may not move on because you have not considered everything you should consider.

I have always been a very rationalistic type of person, more Bones than Booth (You get a star if you get the reference.), and as a result of that I always picture any decisions I make about my life as my own, which lays the blame for my crappy life on my doorstep as well, of course, but when one decides to let the circumstances guide one, as this program is designed to do, one finds that much more of what we do has to do with how the world forces us to bend and twist to its dance.

I am in control of my life, but perhaps what Apollo os forcing me to do now is look beyond what I decide to the circumstances that force me to do things. Perhaps he wants me to better examine those circumstances because within them are locked decisions I never considered, or considered and decided wrongly about.

As the oracular God, one has to pay special attention to such things, and the fact that he is standing in my way now is going to force me to look carefully at my next few steps before I take them.

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