Monday, December 20, 2010

Heliogenna, Day 4: To Helios, Dionysos, and Hades

Heliogenna, Day Four, To Helios, Dionysos, and Hades


In the light of day, I walk

In the darkness of night, I dance

The eternal ballet between the light of reason and the turmoil of madness.

To Helios I offer

From Helios I ask

For favors of warmth and light.


In the sunlight, I pray

In the moonlight, I cry

The eternal passions of my fractured soul.


To Dionysos I pray

From Dionysos I ask

For favors of enlightenment and sanity.


In the day time, I wonder

In the nigh time, I fear

The eternal darkness that awaits us all.


To Hades I offer

From Hades I ask

For favors of silver and gold.


In Day’s brightness, I see

In Night’s darkness, I sense

The eternal truths of worldly divinity.


To these Gods, I offer

To these Gods, I pray

For favors not meant for me.

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