Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heliogenna, Day 3: To The Protognoi

Heliogenna, Day Three, To the Protogonoi


And in the beginning

On the boundless sea of nothingness

You spread your mighty wings

Dark and mighty Nyx


And into this boundless sea also came Erebus

The impenetrable darkness

Your eternal mate

Father of Death and dreams


And resplendent in beauty came he

Who draws men nearer

And loosens the knees with passion

Most glorious Eros, of the beautiful face


And broad bossomed mother

Who brings forth the mountains and the caves

And serves as the fount of all mortal life

Ever giving Gaea


And to surround them came he

Who was formless yet powerful

The first ocean

Mighty Pontus, of the foaming waves.


And to Ge was born he

Who would betray she who loved him

Self proclaimed King of the Heavens

Father of Titans, Ouranos, the castrated.


And on this, third day of Heliogenna, we call on you who were the first.

On this day we do you honor

Blessed Protogonoi, fathers and mothers of the universe.

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