Friday, December 24, 2010

Heliogenna Day 8 - To Olympians and Chthonoi

Bright above you dwell in splendor

And in your golden palaces you hear song

And as you move about you smell from below the scent of offering


Dark below you dwell in Hades

And in the blessed Earth you hide

And as you move about the dripping offerings make their way to you


And from man you hear the sweet song of praise

And the desire to know you

That they may be enriched by your presence.


Bright above and dark below

The eternal balance maintained

Life and Death assured for all


Dark below and bright above

The promise of new life is made

And forever kept by your divine grace


And from man you hear the prayers of hope

And the will to make this a time of renewal

That all may be well and love be in their hearts forever more.

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