Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heliogenna Day 6: To Helios, Dionysos, and Persephone

Rise into the bright cold sky.

Lord Helios, who shines so bright.

And leave behind the cold dark lands below.

Come forth and watch over us, and grant us the hope of a warmer day.


And from the ashes of Titans, blessed Dionysos, you were reborn.

The heart once of a babes in your heart was placed.

Your divinity, wild and undeniable, revealed at last.

Welcomed at last into the realms of eternity.


And to you, blessed Queen of Hades, a prayer of thanks.

You who give us hope for a Spring Time to come.

And who rest in the land below.

Grant us your presence today, as a reminder, blessed Persephone of the dark gowns.


I am not afraid.

No longer in mourning.

I celebrate today a new beginning.

A Sunrise soon to come.


Καλά Ηλιούγεννα!

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