Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gift of Hermes

In the darkness of night, when you can’t seem to get to sleep, what is it that is happening in the air around you? What are you putting out in your frustration, and what are you getting back?

It is an interesting question, and one that came to me as I lay myself down to sleep and thought of Hermes for a second. Interchange, between you and the universe around you, it is at the core of what we are s thinking creatures. What the non thinking creatures, and what our carnal, physical natures give unto the world is something physical, something necessary to the maintenance to the biosphere, but as thinking creatures, as spiritual beings, we provide the cosmos with something else. Creativity, thought, and even evil, and it is up to us to do what we can to make sure we communicate the right things. That we do not release into the world the most horrible of aspects into the aether, but the best of us.

It never occurred to me before that part of what Hermes does is transmit our inner turmoil, our inner thoughts, and our inner emotional states outward into the cosmos. I’m not talking about witchy new agey stuff here, I am talking about exploring the nature of what we thinking creatures are from a standpoint of how much we are part of the universe around us and how thought and emotion are part of the universe as well, for if it was not, could it exist at all?

So, in Hermes we must learn to see something of what it is to be human, thinking, philosophizing, not in its detail, but in the ability to be so, which all starts with the ability to communicate. Hermes’ domain. Will is the true gift of the Gods, but not to us, it is a gift to the cosmos itself, and we partake of it through our ability to communicate, the gift to us from Hermes.


Kat Gowen Schorr said...

Another interesting post! Although I disagree with you about "evil" (I believe that "evil" is a matter of perception), I do understand your thought about how Hermes bridges the gap between what we communicate and how the Universe gathers that energy - the interconnectedness and our place in the Universe. Great food for thought!

Héctor said...

It is not just perception, but action as well, and what I mean is that we as human beings bring these concepts and their practice into being through our activities. Of its own accord, the universe knows no evil, it cannot, it does not do things out of spite or revenge or out of sheer malice, but we do, and as a result we bring it to bear.

The myths tell us that the Gods give us good and evil, and by that they mean good things and bad things. But the Gods do not throw literal evil at us. How we react to the adversity of our lives, and how we impose such adversity on others, is what can be good or evil, and as a result of that, you see, we are the ones bringing it into the cosmos.

Kat Gowen Schorr said...

I agree - perception (identifying what is evil/good on an individual basis) and actions (bringing forth pain, suffering, etc on others). I agree that the Gods to not put evil upon us, they only give us free will to choose actions that bring positive/supportive energy or negative/adverse energy into the Universe. Sure, they may ask us to pursue pathways where we will encounter barriers/adversity, but I think it is in the spirit of strengthening us rather than cutting us down. I think you and I are on the same page. Thanks for responding.