Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slap in the Face

So, I really thought that of all the Gods, Aphrodite would be the one who slapped me hard in the face. After all, I am not really the marriage and relationship minded kind of guy. I like to have a boyfriend, but I don’t actively seek it out or get obsessive about needing to have a boyfriend to complete me. And as much as I like a good spank, poke, and tickle, I am not really the sex addict type. If I have it, I am great, if I don’t, I am ok with that too. So, I thought that when my time with Aphrodite came I would be faced with a severe mistress who would kick my ass until I realized how wrong I was to not be more into her.

But Aphrodite proved to be kind. She proved to be loving and gentle, if a bit harsh with her criticisms.

But Hermes, as I mentioned, has been having his way with me since I turned to him. And my mind and body have been feeling the pain of it as I try to combat my tendency to turn to overreaction as these things happen to me.

The Gods so far have taught me a measure of patience, and have even given me a greater capacity for silence than I ever had before. Meditation is partly the cause of this, and turning to them as I work through my own inner issues has completed that cycle. Well, it is working to complete that cycle, after all, we are none of us complete till the day we die and are swept into oblivion.

As Hermes has his way with me, I am going to have to search deep and wide, because Hermes is not, apparently, one to remain still for long, and it is hard to tell from this moment to the next where he will be going, or what he will do. But, more importantly, this is just the beginning, and if I am being astonished by what he is doing to me now, how will I react to what he will be doing to me a few weeks from now when he escalates as I hopefully learn.

This week, however, I have also seen another affect of what Hermes is doing to me, and that is physical damage due to the little accidents and troubles his presence is causing, and the way in which my no longer young body may deal with it. I have to start taking better care of myself.

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