Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughter Loving Aphrodite

Aphrodite is often called laughter loving, She is a goddess of delights, of joy, of pleasures that elicit laughter and fun in human beings. The often negative connotations that Christian culture place on the gifts of Aphrodite are actually the positive aspects of the Goddess of Love.

One imagines Aphrodite as a Goddess who loves comedy. Who loves humour of all types and delights in the power of laughter in the human psyche. A power we possess as a means to rid ourselves of the stresses of life and survival. The crude joke, perhaps, may be her favorite. She may laugh at the antics of Howard Stern, or revel at the knife’s edge of Chris Rock’s satire as it points out the absurdities of our culture. Perhaps she loved Sam Kennison and adores Bill Cosby, and tunes in regularly to Raw Dog and Comedy Central.

Perhaps, most of all, she laughs at the absurdities of our own attitudes toward sex, an act which is itself full of absurdities and pitfalls of raw emotion.

I do not believe that the Gods meddle in our lives in ways that we so often think of when we refer to them in myth. I don’t think Aphrodite is busy making my dick hard when I see a hot man or woman on the street, but I think their power, and hers especially, simply permeates things. It is a probability that is always present and which our hearts, minds, and souls are always thirsting and reaching for.

After all, we all love to laugh, and laughter is just an expression of something deeper. A release of emotion, her most powerful domain.

I come to ponder these things as I see my own life crumbling around me. As I see my country falling into financial ruin and its people nervously refusing to be generous. In times when the heart feels so heavy, so strained with worry, laughter loving Aphrodite becomes ever more important to us.

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