Monday, January 5, 2009

Aphrodite's Sense of Humour

If we are to acknowledge Aphrodite as a divine power intimately linked to emotion, then among the most powerful of the tools in her arsenal is laughter. She is even called Laughter Loving Aphrodite (Philomides) by the ancients, who understood that her power was one that enriched and enhanced their ability to feel pleasure, to enjoy life, and to laugh at the world around them.

But laughing is different from having a sense of humor, All people laugh, but not all have a true sense of humor, which to me is the ability to laugh at yourself as much as to laugh at other things. A sense of humor includes the tweaking of people, the giving of ills in order to make one laugh at oneself, so when New Years Eve came around this year, on the heels of my Heliogenna observances (which I must apologize for not posting on the site, I will try to do that today) I was more than happy to indulge in a little Dionysian, Aphrodisian, and Erotic fun for the sake of liberating myself from the ills this past year brought me.

At this point, I have been single again for about a year, and while I have certainly had sex since, I have not really indulged in some of my more slutty behaviors. I do not apologize for these, I have no need, I do not subscribe to the Judaeo-Christian puritanical ethic, and do not apply that ethic to anyone, male or female.

So, New Years is the time to do that. To leave behind the more conservative aspects of my personality and go with the slut fag pig boy that I can be from time to time. I won’t be crude and go into all the gory details, but I will say that I had a great time, and so did several other people. Safety precautions were taken, of course.

But as the night wore on, and the party at my favorite private club/bar wound down, Aphrodite, who had until then provided me with the enjoyment of her most lascivious of gifts, played a little trick on me. Someone, unknown, took my coat accidentally, and with it, my keys.

It is very stressful, knowing that after such a phenomenal night, you are now essentially stranded, and locked out. In the end, I had to break in to my own apartment, and hope that the owners of the bar could contact the membership so they might bring my coat, and more importantly, keys back.

I had to ponder all this. That I had such a great night with Aphrodite and Dionysos in mind is not odd. I have had more than my share of great sexual and erotic experiences when I have allowed myself the liberty to give myself to them. But, as I pondered it, I realized that almost every time I have, something odd and negative has also happened to me. Were I a Christian, or Moslem, or Jew perhaps, I would think that maybe I was being punished, but as a man who believes whole heartedly that the Gods want us to enjoy life, and Aphrodite especially, I started to think that these things were simply meant as contrast.

That, like the negative and positive space in a photograph, the awesome pleasures Aphrodite affords us are balanced by a wicked tweaking of our nipples that provide us with a way to see how good her gifts are in comparison with the bad things that happen to us.

Her sense of humor, because after I pondered the whole thing I did find it funny, is one that can, if we are wiling to have a sense of humor ourselves, teach us a great deal about ourselves, our emotions, and our ability to deal with them.

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