Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Corrected translation...

Thanks to Diodoros on the Hellenic boards for offering up this corrected translation into the Greek.

Κύριε τού Φωτός
τού Τραγουδιού
τής Τέχνης
τούς τοίχους πού μέ πολιορκούν
Nά μέ φωτίσεις έλα


KEE-ree-eh too fo-TOHS
KEE-ree-eh too trah-goo-dee-OO
KEE-ree-eh tees TEHCH-nees
SPAH-seh toos TEE-hoos poo meh poh-lee-or-HOON
NAH meh foh-TEE-sees EH-la

(Don't aspirate the T's)

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