Monday, December 26, 2011

Heliogenna Day Nine - Sunrise - To Helios and all the Gods

This is it, the final day of Heliogenna. The Sun set, and we praised him and gave thanks for what came before. The night came, and we missed him. We mourned our dead and fell silent in reverence to that ultimate mystery. Then the sun rose once more, glorious and bright, and we look forward into the future, unknowable yet often a little predictable. We pay them honor, all the Gods, and celebrate this day as a kind of New Year celebration (secular new year being just a week away now) and we make offerings to him, the holy Sun God, and to all the Gods. 

But I also write my hopes and dreams onto rolling paper and then burn them as offerings to the Gods. Promises too, those I mean to keep in the coming twelve months, and as I do, I also give them my fears, my desires for better health, for mental clarity, and all that I wish to change about myself. Perhaps a bonfire is in order.

So here, I make my offering to him, to the undying Sun, watcher of mankind, who sees what we do and judges us not, but rather lights our way so we may see with clarity.

To Helios

Blessed God
You who shines bright
Set me on the right path. 

Blessed God
You who travels West
Set me on the course to righteousness

Blessed God
You who see all
Set me on the road to forgiveness

Blessed God
You who burn like the fires of a star
Set me on the way to inner peace

To you, Helios, I dedicate this day

Blessed Lord
You who give life
Watch as I go forth

Blessed Lord
You who give light
Watch as I make myself new

Blessed Lord
You who burst forth from the East
Watch as I make you proud

To you, Helios, I dedicate this day

O blessed Gods above
O blessed Gods below
O blessed Gods who dwell upon the sacred Earth

To you I make this pledge
To you I promise
To be a better man in every way I know how
To learn new ones as I go forth

Blessed may you all be, now and forever.

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