Sunday, March 28, 2010

To Zeus

Δία, κραταιέ (dhEE-ah krah-teh-EH)
Κύριε των υψηλότερων βουνών (
KEE-ree-eh tohn eep-see-LOH-teh-rohn voo-NOHN)
Δωρητή της βροχής (
dhoh-ree-TEE tees vroh-HHEES)
Παραμέρησε τα σύννεφα με το ισχυρό σου χέρι (
pah-rah-MEH-ree-seh tah SEEN-neh-fah meh toh ees-hhee-ROH soo HHEH-ree)
Και χαμογέλασε μας σήμερα (
keh hhah-moh-GEH-lah-seh mahs SEE-meh-rah)

Zeus, powerful
Lord of the High Mountains
Giver of Rain
Part the clouds with your mighty hand
And smile on us today

My thanks to Evritos and his anonymous friend from Greece for his help in correcting the grammar. Software translation leaves much to be desired, but it can be a good place to start.

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