Monday, March 1, 2010

A journey

In honor of Hermes, I am hoping to undertake a journey. Because Plouton has not been as generous with the gold as I would like, however, think I may have to simply undertake a journey of solitude to some place near that can also be new to me. Perhaps one of the nooks and crannies that make up this city to which I have not yet made myself privy. If exploration is the key, than certain parks in the area are certainly open to me, and since Spring will soon be upon us, so too will the vast network of bike paths that lead to such places as state parks, dams, rivers, and farm land.

It is, perhaps even possible I may be able to undertake a bike ride from Dayton to Columbus, but in my current shape that may be more a matter to be discussed with a doctor than a plan.

So, why a journey in honor of Hermes? Well, because while I cannot travel like I once did, I can still explore, and there are always beautiful things to photograph, even in a city like this, which has been left to drown in the decay of the post industrial age.

And Hermes’ urge, that urge to see new things, to explore, to be revitalized by these things, is one that I have almost let die in me since moving out here. Not having a vast metropolis nearby like New York or Boston kind of stripped me of it, but remembering m travels in France, Spain, and Portugal, I have to try and recall how some of the best experiences were quiet ones, in small places that seemed to be cut off from civilization, even if by walls, and that that is a feeling that can be captured almost anywhere.

So, I am hoping that Wintergeddon ends soon so I can get my ass out there to see what it is Hermes wants me to see, and perhaps even why.

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