Monday, March 29, 2010

In hope

Make bright the day, o Helios
Make dark the night, o Nyx
Make visible the pathways to and fro
And protect us as we walk your way, o Hekate

Make strong my heart, o Athena
Make willing my body, o Ares
Make forceful my will and memorable my speech
And protect me from the dangers of arrogance, o Zeus

Make subtle my touch, o Aphrodite
Make powerful my thrust, o Eros
Make lustful my feelings and loving my approach
And grant me willingness to share my home, o Hestia

Make tasty my food, o Demeter
Make colorful my view, o Persephone
Make appreciative my eyes and soothing my voice
And grant me passion in artistry, o Apollo

Make skillful my hands, o Hephaestos
Make fluid my judgment, o Poseidon
Make the dark in me light, and the light in me grey
And grant me the heart to face you with pride in the end, o Hades

Make swift my decisions, o Hermes
Make wild my soul, o Artemis
Make desire in me bloom to something ever greater
And grant that i may not end up forever alone, o Hera

Make strong my foundations, o Ge
Make sharp my sight, o Selene
Make nimble my knowledge and strong my resistance
And grant me transcedence and hope, o blessed Dionysos of the wine dark eyes.

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