Monday, February 8, 2010

Laundry Day

Sitting here, the laundry machines doing their thing, I am made both hopeful and hopeless by the mundane qualities of my life. Don't mistake this with a sense of futility, rather with a realization that my life is in desperate need of something new. What, of course is the question.

It is appropriate that I am currently in the Hermes phase of my meditations, because he is bound to put some interesting choices in my path, but I need to be careful, because I do often find myself falling into things that often end up hurting me instead of helping me move forward.

I have recently found myself bringing some old feelings to the surface. This is not odd when dealing with hermes. I have, after all, invited the god of communications into my life, and emotions, like thoughts, need to be expressed, communicated, whether it be to another or to yourself.

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