Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Divination...

So, I said I was going to ask the God, Apollo, some questions and sought to get answers through the drawing of cards. The method was simple, I ask a question and draw two cards. If the first drawn card is higher than the second, the answer is in the affirmative, if the second one is higher it is in the negative.

I asked a few questions, they pertained to this endeavor, and the main questions I asked were as follows:
Question: Answer:
Is my name Jaime? No
Is my name Eric? No
Is my name Hector? Yes
Am I correct in moving on to the next God? No
Should I hold off another week? Yes
Another Month? No
Is my family doing ok? No
Is my sister A ok? No
Will I be of help to her? Yes
Should I pay another visit? No
Should I move back? Yes

Allow me to clear up a few things.

When I asked about my family and got a negative answer, I proceeded to ask about the individual members of my family. My sister, whose initial I used here, was the only one that came up in the negative. When I left CT after New Years to come back home, I was a little worried about her, and I think my worry was not unfounded.

When I asked about moving, I did so after asking if my life in Dayton was going to improve over the next year. I was surprised that Columbus was met with a negative, as it is an ideal place for me at this point, but I will have to give it much thought. Asking about moving back to CT was as a way that, perhaps, my presence could be of help to my sister, and the answer in the affirmative surprised me because there is no way I can afford to live in Connecticut any more. New England has simply become an elitist ground for the rich, where once it was possible for someone like me to live there, it has become impossible for me to live, alone and unhindered, in that area any more.

I did ask one more question, and the answer made me smile, but I will keep that one to myself...

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