Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strike me Athena

In a blinding flash, you strike me.

I am made stronger by your blow.


And as I fall you hold out your hand.

I am made safer by grasping it.


And in the midst of this battle you whisper to me.

And through your words I am made wiser.


It is a battle of wills. 

Mine mortal and fallible, sometimes weak. 

Yours eternal, patient, and strong.


In a moment of weakness I reach out to you.

In recognition of weakness I am strengthened.


In a moment of silence I listen for you.

In the sounds around me I am fortified.


In a moment of terror I see you for what you are.

In that terror I see my reflection.


These are moments of realizations.

Mine of the self, frightening and true.

Yours of revelation, blindingly pure.

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