Saturday, June 16, 2012


Here I am in Columbus, Ohio for the.annual Stonewall Gay Pride festival which happens here every June. It is called the largest Gay Pride festival in the Midwest, but I have to assume that excludes Chicago, though having been here several times, it would not surprise me of the parade itself was not the biggest even including Chicago.

I left home last night and spent the night doing honor to all those soldiers who have given their all in the east against sexlessness.

Before leaving home I made a small offering to the gods, and one in particular to Aphrodite, goddess of fabulous parties and pride in our sexual and gender differences. I did her proud, I think.

But now it is morning and I am sitting across the street from the Ohio State House, drinking a really good cup of coffee (am I the last one to know Tim Horton has such awesome coffee?) And pondering a few things.

First, I find out annoying that the politicians in the state house, with the help of the Columbus city council have moved the parade route just enough that technically it no longer passes right in front of the state house. It annoys me that our politicians, our so-called representatives, have become like the monarchs of old. If the people are making demands, hide then away and ignore them.

Second, I was pondering the role of Artemis on this day. I have to be honest, I am not sure I can come up with a way in which this particular goddess is of particular influence to a gay man. Yet to lesbians Artemis is known for being important to the exploration of the feminine that lesbianism implies.

My lesbian sisters must, I think, hold a deep respect for a deity that explores and encourages female independence, female strength, female love, and female power over their own fates.

So here I am, a gay man in Columbus, up too early, being taken for a ride by Artemis, who is reminding me, on this day of Pride, to not forget the women who have been fighting the fight for equality along side Al those men who get most of the attention. To remember and honor them.

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