Thursday, May 5, 2011

Purification of my soul

I believe in the soul as a manifestation of our psyche, not as an eternal and ephemeral force. I am not a luminous being, as Toss might put it, but a physical being who glows with the light of sapience.
There is nothing magical about it.

But we live a good number of years, we physical beings, and during that time, it would be a shame not to seek to grow our minds beyond the confines of our physical needs to the glorious speculation and wisdom that comes with knowledge.

But more than that, it is important to learn how to gauge our own intent. How to make our will and intention pure. For these things we turn to the Gods.

The Gods are not physical beings like we are. They are physical in the sense that they exist as part of the greater structure of the universe, just as we are part of our small part of the cosmos, but there is to divinity a purity that comes from intent and action and how the two are not about what they need or want, but about what is for the best of all things.

That is the kind of purity I am looming for. To let go of selfishness and embrace the betterment of us all.
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