Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Opening my eyes...

My eyes are being opened to something I have blinded myself to for a long time. A recent experience on Facebook has forced me to take a good look at what I have been doing religiously, and why I have been going about it wrong.

A simple discussion on a Facebook board which started with the question "Is Macedonia Hellenic or not?" ended up with me being yelled at about the purity of Greek blood and how my being American was why I did not understand things. Accusations that I have Arab blood, which I do, and African blood, which I do, spewed forth as if either of these were something to be ashamed of while outright denials of the clear fact that Greeks themselves have a great deal of Slavic and Turkish blood in their lineage led me to realize that Greece, today, is full of racists and nationalists who are attempting to adhere to the same "religion" I am.

I have to admit that for a second there I was ashamed of this "religion", that I thought I must leave this path in my life in order to distance myself from that kind of ridiculous stance.

I have, I think, forgotten that the Gods are not Greeks. The Gods are The Gods, and how we see them is often times more a reflection of our own issues than theirs. That the Olympian Gods don't care if I am a mutt, and perhaps, just perhaps, the Gods have chosen to touch people in many different parts of the world in an effort to force us to look back at the land we call Greece and, perhaps, force them to stop the insanity.

I am not talking about proselytizing, I am talking about being more assertive. That those of us who pray and worship at the altars of the Gods without the nationalist overtones, without the sad claims to racial purity, without all the bullshit, to be quite honest, should become the voices of reason, and rather than just sit back and be all "Let people do what they will" we should be a little more "No, racism and nationalist agendas are not Hellenismos".

We should not allow ourselves to defer to the Greeks just because they are Greek, that is in itself a form of racism, but speak out against such things in the name of the Gods, because the Gods are not racist nationalists, they are the Gods, and they have touched people throughout the world, in many ways, by many names, and have never sought to destroy a people for being different. Man has done these things.

Sorry if I sound a bit angry, but I am seldom touched by racism anymore, as I have always been fairly capable of speaking my mind on that particular issue, or not caring what others think of me, but this, this hit me harder than I thought it would, and now I have a lot of thinking to do.

My current guide along the star, Hephaestos, seems to be throwing me into something new here, new for me, and perhaps, forging me into something new, something a little more active in this "community" of ours so that we can stand up to people who, in the name of the Gods, will do wrong.

Can I get an amen?  :)

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Julia Ergane said...

Hector, You definitely get an "amen" from me!

Espartana said...

From me too. Or, in a more Greek way of 'amen': "ésto!"

Héctor said...

Thanks, though it seems some in the community have misinterpreted my post as an attack on "The Greeks", which it is not, it is an attack on a particular sector of Greek society that seems to foster a certain amount of racism in the name of nationalism.