Monday, September 13, 2010

To reiterate

It occurs to me that I have not explained the point of this particular blog in a while, so...


Several years ago, I was attempting to meditate. I made the mistake many Westerners probably make, thinking there is some kind of magical mind emptying required to achieve meditation, and as I came to realize that that is not the case, I saw something in the chaos of my mind and allowed it to simply develop and show itself to me.


What I mean by this is that by not trying to force my mind to go blank, which is not the point of meditation, I allowed whatever was percolating in my brain to show itself along with the all the other chaos that would normally, maybe, only show itself in dreams. What I saw was a star.


Not an astronomical star, but a twelve pointed contiguous star and at each point a deity. It was three fold, one above, one below, and one at the plane as I looked at it, at the center was a flame, and the flame connected all the stars.


What I realized as I looked at it was that the star was made of one contiguous line, or twelve lines connected at the points, but in the end, the same thing, because if it was large enough to walk along I could start at 12 o'clock and walk to all of the other points before ending up back at 12.


So, I assigned a deity to each point based on what I could remember of the star and it looks like this.


meditation star.jpg



I now use this in a program that forces me to focus my attentions, in meditation, in thought, on a particular deity at a time in my life. It doesn't mean I ignore the others, or only pray to that deity, but rather that as I go, I try to focus my thoughts and reactions in life on what it means in relation to that deity, so I started with Hestia, which then took me to Apollo then Hera then Poseidon then Aphrodite, and now, currently, Hermes.


It has been a couple of years now since I started on this path, and must say that it has made of me a new person. Not completely, and I am barely half through, and who knows how long till I finish, if I ever actually do, but it has definitely changed the way I look at the world.


In this blog I try to express some of the things I may be learning, or at least which come to mind as I meditate and focus on the Gods, so that you might, perhaps, get an idea how you may also benefit from this system.


You will learn your own lessons, not mine, and I hope you will give it a shot.

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