Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In celebration of the Eleusinia this year, I made it my project to post daily, almost, tweets at my HellenicPrayer twitter feed . Ten tweets in total, and here they are collected.

For Eleusinia ta Megala 2010

Gone! Gone, she is! The bright light of Springtime. The joy of her mother's heart. Deep in which the horror builds, and Winter now stirs.

Bereft of light. Bereft of love. Bereft, her heart, of the laughter of youth that once made her smile. Blessed Demeter, we share your pain.

She will travel the land, she will search on the beaches, she will long for her darling daughter, and be made sad. The world will suffer.

Above, the mother searches. Below, the daughter weeps in darkness. She who will be called destroyer of light yet hungers for its presence.

The world will wither and die, and men will pray for aid, and deep beneath the child turned bride will hunger and not take nourishment.

And when the world was dying, the Great Father called her to his court, and before her rage did tremble. Her child she would have returned.

With man's woeful prayers, and the Mother's anger before him, dispatch the holy messenger did he, Father of Gods and Men, to Hades below.

But the young daughter was even then hungering, and the Lord of the Manor did offer her the seeds of a pomegranate to eat, sealing her fate.

With him, dread Hades, would she spend her Winter, and with her mother, great Demeter, the Summer heat, and the beauty of Spring all hers.

And so when the Autumn chill does your heart make to shiver, remember the daughter of the Tempest and the fertile Earth, Persephone below.

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