Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aphrodite: She who humbles us all.

Sex. It is the great equalizer. When a group of men are nude and the power of Aphrodite is flowing between them (They are all horny) there is a funny thing that happens, and it is not just about men, it is about all of us. They all become equals. Oh, yes, I know, some still have ots more money than others. Some have hot sculpted bodies and others are more plump. Some have big cocks, some do not. But this isn’t about the details, this is about the nude human being, robbed of all the trappings of human social status, such as the silk shirt or the Wal-Mart jeans.

Those men in this hypothetical (Let’s just call it hypothetical, OK?) situation are all the same. They are all human, and that is all they are, because everything else is action. They all start on an even playing field, naked, exposed, and desirous of lustful interaction, and then they all get lost in the acts of sex and there is no me, there is no you, there is us, and the power of a divine being who affects us more than any others, for almost everyone, everything, is affected by the power of Aphrodite.

In these moments of carnal ecstasy, we are all lost to her. We are all lost to the power of her touch, and we are humbled by it. You are no longer the alpha male, you are her plaything. You are no longer in control, she has broken through that easily. You cannot resist her, and that lays you low and brings you eye to eye with the rest of us. We who are human, trapped in a cycle of lust, love, and loss, and who yearn for it, even when we know it can be painful, and that too humbles us. That too reminds us, me, of how helpless I can be to the whims and powers of nature, and the divine spirits that guide it.

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