Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One of the many parts of our lives that we owe to Aphrodite and the great domain of love is affection. Affection is not really love, but it is connected to it. It leads to it sometimes, but mostly it is in and of itself a means to help us achieve connection.

But the affection we build for friends, lovers, pets, etc. is something that is also capable of helping us get through life. In combination with love, affection builds a strong bond. It is the aspect of loves domain that influences us to feel a longing for the good traits in others. It is the aspect of the domain of love that leaves us feeling heart broken when a friend disappoints us and when a brother betrays us.

Affection allows us to have a small connection with someone who is not really a friend, but who becomes part of our lives anyway. A genuine sense of affection can affect us as much as love, though rarely in so long lasting a manner. And affection is something we can feel for people we don’t really know. Like the people we interact with daily in mailing lists or chat rooms. People we sincerely miss when we don’t hear from them, yet can’t truly ay we love.

Blessed be Aphrodite for the little love known as affection.

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