Monday, March 3, 2008

Exploring Hera...

So, now that I have started to explore Hera, to put her in some focus in my mind, I am starting to take notice of a few things. One, the sky is turbulent this time of year, and I often scream at it, internally of course, as i try to make my way to work on a beat up bicycle (I don't drive because of my feelings about pollution and the support of corrupt industries) and yet as I rode my bike through town today and the sky turned bright then grey then bright again, the wind furiously blowing through the city like an high party goer, I was reminded of one of the simplest pleasures in the world; stopping and standing, facing the wind, and feeling it.

It is a remarkable feeling.

But you may ask what this has to do with Hera, after all, Zeus is the storm god, no?

Of course, but the Queen of Heaven opens up ones eyes to several things, including the relationships between things. Sometimes things of like kind, like the genders, but sometimes between disparate things like a man and the wind, the stars in the sky and the puddle of water left over from a rain shower. The connections that bind us all one to the other and to everything else on and around the Earth.

But I think Hera is not really so much interested in whether I see the connections, after all, the connections exist whether I notice them or not, but what am I willing to do on a conscious level to seek out those connections, explore them, and develop a conscious link between my psyche, my consciousness, and the world around me, and especially, other people.

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