Sunday, March 16, 2008


In my search to understand myself through the way I relate to the Gods, I have come to understand that part of me always reacts in the opposite way to the realizations I come to. When I come to the realization that Apollo is a God of answers, I come up with inner questions. When I realize that Hera is a Goddess concerned with connections, I seek distance.

Why is that? Is this something normal to the human psyche? Is it something I have always done, and how has that affected the way I think and feel about the world around me?

It may take me an eternity to discover the reasoning behind this, but recognizing that I do it may help to prevent me from doing it in the future if I can manage to recognize it in the moment rather than in hindsight.

But, I do want to report on the Hera Mantra, which reads as follows:

Ευλογημένη βασίλισσα.
Θεϊκή θεά του γάμου.
Κυρία προστάτισσα.
Κυρία εκδικήτρια.

It has really turned out well. The words, when spoken, can take on a variety of rhythmic qualities. In a monotone it really pops, but if as you sing it you allow the words to dictate a rhythm, you will find yourself singing it rather nicely and it really seems to do what many of the Hindu chants do for me when I sing them.

Meditatively, the fact that this mantra has meaning for me, knowing the exact meaning of it as I do, makes the mantra all the more useful in working out my meditation and prayer.

So, now I must consider writing some more.

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