Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hera Mantra

I was thinking of a Mantra, something that could be used during meditation, and I came up with this:

Ευλογημένη Βασίλισσα.
Προστάτευσέ μας.
Καθοδήγησέ μας.

(this was corrected for me by someone who actually speaks Greek)

That reads:

kee REE ah
ehv loh gyee MEH nee vah SEE lee sah
prohs TA tehv SEH mahs
kah thoh DEE gyeeSEH mahs

and it translates to:

Blessed Queen.
Protect us
Guide us.

I have a problem with it, though, It reads like a prayer, not a Mantra, because Mantras, in general, are invocations. The words of a Mantra have distinct meanings which are meant to bring the power of those meanings to life in the mind, heart, and soul of the meditator.

To that purpose, then, I want to come up with a Mantra, in Greek, that will accomplish this.

"Κυρία" and "Ευλογημένη Βασίλισσα" work because they invoke aspects of the Goddess Hera, so now I have to find other wprds that can be placed in a context that allows the user to easily meditate while chanting them.

Ευλογημένη βασίλισσα.
Θεϊκή θεά του γάμου.
Προστάτης και εκδηκητής.

Is more of an invocation, and translates to:

Blessed Queen.
Heavenly Goddess of marriage.
Protector and avenger.

I am going to try it tonight.

At this point, I am trying some approaches to establishing my path into the Heraverse, and Apollo still seems to nag me by constantly tossing questions into my head, but I hope to come across just the right methods to honor and seek her power and strength in my life.

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