Saturday, January 23, 2016

O Sweet Lady

O sweet lady
Whore of Cypress

You who hides in the sweltering heat of passion, where men indulge their most carnal desires
You who sparks within men the longing to satisfy their most profane needs
You who manifests in our hearts when our loins grow warm.

It is in you that we find our inner beast
And in you that we are made low
For from here we rise as the mighty oak from the acorn

O sweet lady
Violator of Oathes

You who stir in men a longing to touch you and find your most secret places
You who we seek as we long to plant our seed
You who strikes fear in the hearts of the faithful

It is in you that we search for meaning
And in you that we find it when least we expect it
For in you we also find that divine force men call love

O sweet lady
Deceiver of Men

You who draw us in with promises of wild and uncaring rutting
You who whisper sweet moans in our ears as we come
You who pulls on the strings of our hearts

It is in you that we place our greatest worth
And in you that we find the greatest of values
For it is in those moments most raw and most animal that we are indeed made most human

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