Sunday, July 19, 2015

High Upon the Mountain

High upon the mountain
Where the white caps meet the skies
And this world but grazes the heavenly realm
I spy you, O Lord of the Lyre

Where dancers spin in joy
Musicians accompany with glee
And all do you honor, shining Apollo

Low upon the earth
Where men sing your praises
And in ecstacy lay bare their hearts
I spy you, O Lord of Healing

Where nurses ply their caring trade
Mothers and Fathers pray in hope
And all call you, if not by name, loving Apollo

Immersed in the holy waters
Where purification may occur if sought
And all our doubts may be washed away
I spy you, O Lord of Purification

Where the wolf and the dear drink
Human and animal joined to a fair purpose
To drink of the waters of life, cleansing Apollo

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