Saturday, September 20, 2014

O Helios, Sun God

In hues of gold and rose as the moon rises
Your light fades in the West
And your all seeing eyes look to another land
O Lord of the upper air
Giver of light

In the darkness of night, your sister stands guard
Her pale light but a reflection upon her silver robes
And her all seeing eyes watch as we sleep
The darkness conceiling her love
Growing older every night

And late on, as your return approaches
Blessed Dawn prepares for her moment
Fleeting though it may be
To shine forth in hues of blue and rose
And bring hope once more as the cock crows

And then, O Lord, giver of light
You return to us
Your all seeing eyes falling upon us once more
Our hearts made to rejoice at the site of you
We praise and adore you, O Helios, Sun God

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