Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zeus, lord of heaven.

Lord Zeus of the high realm is our God above all other Gods. He is King of Gods and Men, Father of Gods and Men, and Lord Ruler of the Universe.

At least as far as our Mythos says. 

Personally, I am of the opinion that all Gods are equal, eternal, and all have the same capacity to affect the cosmos. And as I already said, I believe Zeus regulates how the Gods may affect the universe, but all this is speculation based on my own ideas of how the universe is formed and maintains itself. 

What we have to go on is myths, philosophies, dramas, and legends. Stories of poetic beauty that tell of a great Kingdom of Heaven, a common enough conceit amongst the peoples of the world, and a great Sky Father as its Emperor. That Emperor is Zeus, and in other cultures known by many different names and in many different guises and sometimes given very different attributes by the people who worship him. 

But what does it mean to worship the sky father? 

Among the many peoples of the Earth, worship is often very immediate. There are needs to be met, and the God of the Rain, the Thunder, the Sky is called upon to meet them. For these people, the farming of the land, the filling of cisterns, and the quelling of the winds, the monsoons, and the great mountain storms are of utmost importance. But I am a city man. I do not farm the land. I am well shielded from the rain, the wind, and the cold of morning. What does it mean for me to seek him out? How do I properly relate to him when my immediate needs are so far from the traditional needs he is called upon to meet?

For me, the secret lies in understanding that we are all beholden to his gifts. That whether we pray for our own needs, or for those of far away farmers, we are praying for the good of all, including ourselves.  That in the spirit of generosity, of hospitality, and of community, we must pray and worship the Lord of Heaven, who in wisdom rules over the world both divine and mortal.

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