Sunday, May 5, 2013


By strength of will, I fight
My sword arm is weak
My body is broken
But Athena is there at the heart of me
She will not let me fall.

By strength of force, I fight
My fingers yet hold the sword
My body still feels pain
But Ares is there at the heart of me
He will not let me admit defeat.

By strength of duty, I fight
My hands ache
My body shuts down at the end
But Zeus is there at the heart of me
He reassures me of my victory

By strength of character, I fought
My memory will live on
My body will be given honor
But Hermes is there to guide me
The the shadowy lands below

By nature's eternal dictate, I pass beyond
My arm is strong again
My body feels no pain
But Hades is there to welcome me
To the land of the ever shining Sun

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